Explore an unlimited number of flying sites
Phoenix brings you the best of both worlds with a huge range of gorgeous High Definition Panoramic Photofields - including airfields, club strips, sports-halls, famous landmarks and water-sites with 3D moving water - and new to V4 are our revolutionary "InfinityScape" full-3D sites which let you explore an unlimited expanse of terrain that you define and control.
Fantastic panoramic sites
Phoenix's range of photo-realistic panoramic sites means that there is something for everyone - all rendered in High-Definition and with detailed 3D collision detection built-in. Fly from a great selection including:

  • Club strips (grass and tarmac)
  • Airfields
  • Sports halls
  • Hill & mountain slope-soaring sites
  • Famous and interesting landmarks
  • Marine sites such as sand-banks and lakes
...and many more, all included out-of-the-box.
Introducing "InfinityScape"
New to V4 is InfinityScape - a full-3D terrain system which generates an unlimited expanse of beautiful terrain for you to fly over - with no map boundaries or limits.

With InfinityScape, you define the type of landscape (Choosing from Highlands, Desert or Alps), then just set how you want the terrain to look and the software does the rest - instantly generating your new scenery for you.

New strips are automatically created for you as you fly, so there is always somewhere to practice your landings.

You can even choose the time of day or cloud cover, opening up a literally unlimited number of amazing sceneries to explore and enjoy.

Detailed collision detection
Each flying site has detailed full-range collision-detection built-in, bringing even panoramic sites out into the third dimension.

Our accurate materials system means models will bump realistically along rough tarmac, slide over smooth concrete and bog down in tall grass - all helping to improve your experience and control ready for the real thing.

Water sites feature a new challenge: Fully 3D moving water with ripples and wakes to fly your amphibious models from, simulating bouyancy and drag with our trademark realism and accuracy.

Advanced weather system
Because real-life is always changing, Phoenix incorporates an advanced weather control panel which lets you setup your wind conditions exactly how you want.

Choose from a large number of dynamic settings to create gust patterns and turbulence so that when you encounter the same conditions in real-life - you're ready.

There is also a range of preset weather conditions built-in to try, and you can save your own setups for quick selection.

Our dedicated slope-soaring sites also feature advanced built-in wind patterns and turbulence which follow the contours of the landscape for maximum realism.